The Orthopaedic Foundation houses one of the largest physician training laboratories on the East Coast. Its BioSkills Laboratory is electronically capable of offering educational seminars and anatomy workshops to physicians, researchers and fellows participating off site at teaching hospitals and universities -- literally throughout the world.

By attending ongoing medical education conferences at the Orthopaedic Foundation, physicians and other health professionals will be encouraged to keep current with orthopaedic, musculoskeletal diseases and movement analysis information. By attending its practical anatomy workshops offerings, they can also be trained to apply new or emerging techniques in knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgery.

Educational sessions on better treatments for orthopaedic injuries, and musculoskeletal diseases and practical anatomy workshops are being presented on a regular basis in clinics and laboratories in the mid-West, South and West. With the presence of this new foundation and BioSkills Laboratory on the East Coast, physicians will be offered opportunities to attend trainings and workshops that they might otherwise have missed due to family, travel and/or time constraints. Foundation training will provide them with academically sound and clinically relevant updates through a combination of lectures, case presentations and hands on anatomy workshops. It will also provide ample time for personal contact between participants and faculty.

The Foundationšs educational and laboratory workshop sessions will be overseen by highly skilled senior arthroscopic surgeons and other well respected faculty who specialize in the field.

The Foundation is also dedicated to reaching out to its community. It will offer and/or host educational programs and rehabilitation sessions for:
  • Middle and high school students
  • Those who suffer from a degenerative musculoskeletal disease such as arthritis
  • "Weekend warriors" who want to keep in shape without injuries
  • Area university medical and nursing students
  • Other neighboring health care agencies

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Kevin Plancher, MD, Chairman of the Board
Janine D. Bahar, Executive Director
Richard Bisk
April Dove
Duane Hill
George Kollitides II
Albert Nickel
Robert Plancher
Kenneth M. Wisdom
Mary Ellen Yacura